Dangling Bead Bracelet

Dangling Bead Bracelet - student project

Dangling Bead Bracelet - image 1 - student project

I love making my own jewlery and this was a super project as I have never made bracelets with anything but stretchy cord or thread.  I have always wondered how to get charms and dangly pieces on a chain and what to attach to the ends of the chain to make it close.  I found your instructions to be very clear and easy to understand.

I did not make a necklace as I wear the same necklace everyday that my husband gave to me which contains several charms he has given me over the years.  I decided to make a bracelet instead.  I used what I had on hand and intend to make a more polished version with the correct materials once they arrive.

My wire wrapping technique was not the greatest as it was my first time and I did not have the right wire cutters but I am really proud of this bracelet and love it.

Thanks for a great class.  I hope you will continue to post more jewlery classes!!