Creative Experiments

Creative Experiments - student project

Week 1: Watercolour Quilt Block

Creative Experiments - image 1 - student project

Week 2: Fill a Page

I recently purchased some Hydrus watercolours. I like to experiment with mixing three colours. On the left I used Sap Green, Hansa Yellow Light, and Turquoise Blue. On the right I used Sap Green, Hansa Yellow Medium, and Cobalt Violet.

Creative Experiments - image 2 - student project


Week 3: Colour Play

CONNECT is one of my words for 2018. I wrote it in a miniature accordion book with watercolour shapes connecting the calligraphic letters.

Creative Experiments - image 3 - student project


I was given some small samples of watercolour paper by an art supply shop. This is Saunders Rough 300 gsm, and the paper is 10 x 20 cm. I had never used this paper before, so didn’t know what to expect. The colours didn’t bleed much from one circle to another, so I sprayed the first few circles with water. For the second set I used the back of the same paper and just concentrated on making various mixtures with three colours, using large and small circles. This paper seems ideal for even washes of colour.

Creative Experiments - image 4 - student project


Week 4: Landscape

This is a small acrylic painting of a view from my home. We have just had a lot of rain, so the distant field is partly flooded, which adds interest.

Creative Experiments - image 5 - student project

Anna Day

Calligrapher & Designer