Creare content that can't be ignored

Creare content that can't be ignored - student project

Link to final version of the project with audio, soundtrack and hand notatoins: Create content that can't be ignored

Who is your audience?

- Content Marketeers

- Email Marketeer

- Sales Team

What's their problem?

- They need an easy and inexpensive way to produce audiovisual content to engage with potential customers

How can you help?

- My app provides an seamless way to integrate voice, slides, hand notations and soundtrack to create audivisual content


Twitter Friendly Headline:

[Slide 1] - Create content that people can’t ignore

What’s the point of the talk:

[Slide 2] - Creating content that people will like is not rocket science. In fact, you can do it with relatively little effort, and budget.

Why should you care?

[Slide 3] - If you want to know how to create engaging content with tools already available to you, this presentation is for you...


The problem:

[Slide 4] - So, what are the biggest challenges everyone faces when creating content?

[Slide 5] - Studies by the content marketing institute revealed that lack of budget, producing the kind of content that engages and lack of knowledge are among the biggest challenges

[Slide 6] - But creating engaging content should not be expensive or fell like a privilege

[Slide 7] - It should not be difficult

[Slide 8] - And should not require an army of experts to produced it

The Solution:

[Slide 9] - Keep it simple...

[Slide 10] - The secret for effective communications lies in the fact that the most the powerful way to connect with someone else is through images and simple but meaningful explanations

[Slide 11] - Just put yourself in your audiences shoes and think about what’s relevant for them when putting together a presentation


[Slide 12] - Follow these simple steps to succeed in producing engaging content:

First, take advantage of the tools that are around you

Second, learn the basic principles for creating “slides that rock”

Third, bring your slides to life by adding your voice, a soundtrack and hand notations to make them more engaging

[Slide 13] - Flickr is an amazing tool you can use to find cool images for free

[Slide 14] - To find the ones that are free to use for commercial purposes in Flickr and other datasets use  Creative Commons’s search engine

[Slide 15] - Take Skillshare’s class ‘Slides that Rock’ to learn the basic principles about how to create great presentations

[Slide 16] - And finally, bring your slides to life by adding voice and a soundtrack


Relate the story to the audience

[Slide 17] - So now you know the secrets... You just need to start...

[Slide 18] - and if you fail the first time, promise yourself to try again...

Highlight benefits

[Slide 19] - Creating engaging content is not that difficult... You can do it at virtually no cost and without Having to depend on anyone else’s expertise.

Keep in mind that posts with videos attract 3 times more inbound links than plain text alone.

Call  to action

[Slide 20] - Use bcontext (available for free at the iPad app store) to convert your slides into an audiovisual experience by recording your voice, adding a soundtrack, and capturing your hand notations.

The End...