Crab - student project

Hello! My name is Adrianna Grezak, of I'm a Polish-born, Manhattan based illustrator and photographer. 

I was inspired by the blue crab for this illustration - I especially wanted to capture the colors. I sketched out the crab a couple of times on newsprint and realized that I should draw this on 19x24 paper. It took some time, especially to scan in, but I found that I prefer to work in a larger scale. 

I actually created a timelapse video of my drawing and photoshop process - feel free to check it out!

Final pencil drawing, scanned in:

I wanted to match some of the colors in the blue crab, so I painted the claws, legs, and body with orange and blue, separate layers, overlay. I spent some time looking for and modifying a texture to use. I set it as an overlay over the pencil drawing at about 75% opacity. I used the same texture about five times in different layer masks to create dimension.

After digital work:

It can be hard to see the amount of detail I tried to add, so here are some close ups: