Cornflowers (re-colouring)

Cornflowers (re-colouring) - student project

For this project I decided to re-colour my Cornflowers design and the accompanying coordinates. I have a tendency to create very contrasting palettes with near-black and near-white. I wanted to create a softer and warmer (perhaps more feminine) option. I do love cream, peach and mustard colour combinations especially, so I started with that as the basis.


Original colourway:

The design in this contrasting colourway has been popular, but I felt the inky black maybe a bit too strong for the cornflowers and the palette a bit too cool for my preferences.


New peachy colourway:

I Iike the warmth of this colourway, but it perhaps doesn't have such a broad appeal due to the amount of mocha brown.


New teal colourway:

I added a cornflower blue shade, and matched that with teal. I like the blue for the flowers, but I prefer a warmer palette. I kept the mustard and a bit of peach to warm it a little.

Overall, I like some aspects of each colourway, but none seems quite perfect, so I'll work on it some more. I welcome feedback / suggestions and would love to know which you all prefer. Thanks!

All artwork copyright Sue Gibbins 2019.

Designer at Rocket & Indigo