Composition Rules: Golden Ratio

Composition Rules: Golden Ratio - student project

I drew a golden spiral according to Jen's instructions. I don't have a compass so I tied some string to a pencil. I also improvised by measuring and dividing each measurement by 1.618 (golden ratio).

Using string proved somewhat challenging with Squeaky around:

BTW can you tell I used the rule of thirds to crop the above image? See how I chose a photo where Squeaky's paw leads to the golden spiral :-D Sorry for the bad lighting though!

Here's the golden spiral I drew:

I'm going to check the rule of thirds whenever I crop an image in Photoshop in the future. So simple and so effective!

Now to apply what I learned in a drawing or painting. I plan to use the rule of thirds and the path that leads the eye in the composition, due to their simplicity. Thanks Jen for demystifying this topic! 

UPDATE: Here's rule of thirds leading the eye put into practice:

These are some of the thumbnail sketches I drew with rule of thirds and leading the eye. I found the thumbnail sketches helpful and fun to do!


Doodler, Teacher