Colour journal projects - windmills and aubergines

Colour journal projects - windmills and aubergines - student project

The first photo was my first try at doing a colour journal page and I decided to capture the many windmills on the island of Öland I had just recently visited. The challenge here was to use viridian green, which for some reason I have never been a great fan of.

The last three photos are of another palette I created when I fell in love with the dark red and blue tones. The challenge here was to try and then mix the colours from my watercolour paints. By doing these exercises I am learning about what colour combos are trending right now, learning how to mix colours and then use combinations I perhaps wouldn't otherwise have used. So this has been an all-round enriching experience for me - taking this class and then putting it into action. I find making the colour journal utterly absorbing and since starting this I find myself viewing the colours around my slightly differently.

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