Colour Experiments

Colour Experiments - student project

For some reason I am always afraid of playing with vibrant colours, so I tended to stick with monochromatic colour, and filled the background with either white or black when I do drawings. 


So I am very glad that I found this class. Not only because I learned lots of useful techniques and skills on editing images but also inspire me to play with colour on photoshop. I really have fun while changing different colour combination:)


Here are some of my experimental works. I got all the original photos on Google, you can check it down below. :)  (updated on 3/7/17)




Here are the three GIF I made. You can see how I build my layers :)

ps. open image in new tab if it is not working.



The original Photo used:
















I also tried on one of my old illustration too.  Adding contrast, making the lines look sharper and turning the background to grey/white/black, are my usual routine in handling my illustration. I seldom do coloring or play with crazy colors because I have no confident in coloring and too afraid to ruin the work. 

Here is my original work.  


I tried different colors to see various effects. I am so impressed how colors changed the mood! 

These are some of my experimental work:)