Colorful Crystals

Colorful Crystals - student project

I have to admit, painting crystals is tough! And as mentioned in the class, they definitely require a good amount of practice. I tried a variety of techniques, varying my paper, and use of line, pen, etc.

I started with black paper and then moved on to cold press watercolor paper. I didn't have any suitable gouache paints, so I mixed some of my pan watercolor paint with Kuretake ZIG White Opaque ink. I completed the crystal by adding an outline and details with a Unibal Signo White gel pen.

My first crystal on watercolor paper was quite complex and tricky. When I finished with the painting, I felt that it didn't have enough contrast, so I added a black outline. I am not sure I like this look.

For my third crystal I chose a much easier reference image and decided to go for all watercolor and no pen details. I like the purple and pink color palette.

Then I decided I wanted to try some color gradients. Again, no pen details were added.

Lastly, I thought I might try to incorporate some of my Fine Tec metallic watercolors, since they are glittery and crystals are shiny! Unfortunately, this attempt also lacked contrast and so I resorted to using the black pen again, which I don't like in this example. I added the dark background in Photoshop after I had scanned the image into the computer. The metallic quality of the paint doesn't scan very well.

I want to send a HUGE thank you out to Yasmina! It is very apparent that you put a TON of time and thought into the class and into the downloadable materials (wow!). You are appreciated! And I look forward to your next course :)

Watercolor Artist