Coffee Time

Coffee Time - student project

I've wanted to learn how to use After Effects for a while now - mainly focusing on quick little animations/gifs, I started with making short Gifs on photoshop but it took forever and the animations were always a bit stunted. Looking around online there's tutorials but I haven't found anything from start to finish so this videos been really helpful!

I've recently created a series of still life illustration's on Illustrator, so thought I would bring one of these to life instead of creating a music short. With future animations I think I will create an illustration with the idea of turning it into an animation, as although I like my final output, I think there needs to be more of a story element rather than random movement.

Here's the original illustration -

And the animated version -

Here's a link to the animated version -

I'm very happy with it, but think some of the motions are not as smooth as I would have hoped, I had a little trouble with the graph editor and the sheer amount of layers I had in my illustrator files.

Hope you like it!

Thanks very much for sharing your skills,

much appreciated!