Co-Worker Questionnaire

Co-Worker Questionnaire - student project

Time for some self-awareness!!

Use this questionnaire to survey your co-workers.  You can do this as a team building exercise where everyone has their own questionnaire, or simply do this on your own.  Be sure to let your team know that their honest feedback is valuable to you, and you are open to whatever feedback they give.

You can print these out and have a box on your desk where they can deposit their replies, or simply let someone else collect the responses at their desk.

No matter how you do it, here are the questions!  If you score a 5 on all four questions then you really don't need to take this course.  

Remember, if you get anything less than a 5 on all four questions, "you aren't listening."

Good luck! Let me know the results you get!!

Founder, 22 To Guru