Cheating the Century

Cheating the Century - student project

I always found it so fascinated how we go to the trouble of learning modern tools only to make our art look like it's been made decades ago! Same here, I have this vector pattern, made in the Victorian style and now I applied hand painted textures to make it look made by hand exclusively :)

My motif is a branch of oak with acorns that I made for a different project recently.

Cheating the Century - image 1 - student project


Here are my textures, done with Burnt Umber watercolor.Cheating the Century - image 2 - student project


I had live models :)

Cheating the Century - image 3 - student project

Cheating the Century - image 4 - student project


My textured pattern tile, then I used the method shown in the class to make the tile repeatable.

Cheating the Century - image 5 - student project


I used Soft light blending mode for this effect. 

And this is how the pattern looks, I think a half drop repeat would be better for this particular pattern..

Cheating the Century - image 6 - student project


What do you think? I know it's not exactly floral but my goal was to practice and also use the skills and techniques showed in this class.

Mira Metzler

Mixed Media Artist