Celebrating With Light

Celebrating With Light - student project

We love to celebrate when our family is with us. We have a large family, 4 children/adults and 6 grandkids. We always use candles to mark the occasion and so I decided to make this class and fill it with whimsy, fun, and light.

Pure Light and Pure Colors

The cupcake candles were delicious and I wanted to get some at the bakery but you know today it is hard to find a good cupcake. Great little card though and I am going to frame it and give it to our 6th on the way grandchild.Do you think it will be significant when this little one is 40 or 50 years of age? Frame the special pictures and they will be cherished.

Good luck with your project and please do let me know how you are doing all through the year with your celebrations. 

Artist / Art Teacher