Cat Collage

Cat Collage - student project

I made this cat collage in a small black sketchbook on a page that already had a bit of paint on it.  I used newspaper, and had some deli paper that I had wiped off extra paint on while painting one day.  The extra paint was black and yellow and when I cut it out it kind of looks like cat fur so how fun is that. 

Em, I really want to thank-you for all of the practical advise that you give during these lessons.  I am surprised how much fun collage is.  Also, you may remember that I took many of your other classes last summer.  I drew all of the exercises into three small sketchbooks.  In November I went on a humanitarian trip to Madagascar and taught a class in a remote village where the Zafirmany people live.  At the end of our stay in the village the directrice of the school asked if she could have my three notebooks.  I had showed her how if the children could make simple shapes that they could do simple drawings.  I would like to share a few photos of the trip but am really not sure how to contact you and I fear that the pictures are too big to load onto this site.