Carmela Caldart - Illustration

Carmela Caldart - Illustration - student project

Hi everyone! 

This was a really great class - as a freelance illustrator, it was really helpful to learn a little more about proposals and contracts. 

I think for me, the biggest challenge of being a freelancer has been to find new clients. I shifted from living and working in Brazil (mainly with lettering and graphic design), to living and working in Spain (with illustration), so it's been a challenge to recreate my client list so that it's more focused on what I'm currently doing.

Another challenge has been living in different countries and figuring out the legal options in each one - tips for international freelancers would be incredibly welcome!!

The best part of freelancing, I think, is being able to work on many different projects and to focus on what I really love and want to do. The freedom to do many different things is also great (but scary)! But I've found that spreading myself out with a lot of projects (teaching on Skillshare, building an online store, as well as having client projects) has given me a little safety.


To see my work, you can head to my website:

You can also check out my Instagram and Behance

I also started teaching my own Skillshare classes - you can take my first one here: Turn Your Illustration into an Animated GIF with Photoshop


Any feedback is greatly appreciated!! And if anyone is interested in collaborations, I'm always open to those :)