Candles take 2

Candles take 2 - student project


Candles: Can't seem to upload this correctly. Maybe the 2nd one worked. I think I've watched all of your watercolor classes Ron and tried the projects over and over. Can't seem to get the water/pigment content right and I over work them instead of watching. This is the first one I felt like I could share. Your explanations and slowness of your demonstrations really helped me figure out what I was probably doing wrong. I can't help seeing these as fake though - maybe because of the harsh lines around the flames and the white areas? Also the bases of the candles don't seem quite right. Any feedback would be awesome. I'm an absolute beginner. 

Candles take 2 (it's the top one....). I used 3 different colors and I think the yellow is too light and there's not enough contrast overall. I may try to change it to the previous yellow (though I might ruin it if I do). I didn't tape my page and used leftover arches paper which had a stain on it (if it was a little higher it could be smoke!). I think it's a little softer? The hard edges on the blue candle are supposed to represent dripping wax and I did that one on purpose. When I tried to spritz the colors sometimes went all over the place. So I tried to soften the hard edges and kept getting closer and closer to the adjacent section. Oh well. I will try again if I get more feedback. Also, it looks grainy. I just got new paint today (this was not painted with the new paint) - Daniel Smith essentials. Looking forward to trying those (no Alizarin Crimson though). Thanks!