California Style

California Style - student project

Demo 1

Demo 1     I like this more as time goes by. It was hard to lift out color. I let is rest over night and I was able to lift color in the morning after I watched that part of the video again. This is on Canson 140# paper that Ron sent me. I soaked it for about 30 min.. I noticed when I scratched the paper it fluffed up more than Arches. The hues are surreal, not that I intended it, but I like it. I get the idea and I'll do more with reflections. I know one day I'll paint something that has reflections just the way I want them. This is OK for a first surfing trip.

Demo 2

Demo 2     I had an image in mind when I started this but then just let it flow. I studied the image yesterday and today I could not find it in my computer while my paper was wet so I just moved on and went with the video. The image I was thinking of had a prism in the sky and a very light cloud to its left, dark sky to its right. The prism did not turn out like I wish but it was a good lesson. I neglected to leave white for the clouds left of it so I lifted paint and I like the effect there. I liked the painting more before I put in the long shadows at the end. I love the way hues blended on the wet Arches 140# paper. I painted water onto the support board to keep it wet occasionally. Again, these are rather unreal colors but I like it. Those bloody reds and the white over the buildings create a mood. I let myself be bold with the depth of values. Painting with transparent paint is new to me. I like it and I will know what I am doing as I progress with practice. I will definitely practice more paintings later this week. Thanks for the lessons, Ron!

And another thing I like is sketching with paint, not drawing the foundation with pencil or pen first, using the brush. A month ago I was intimidated to do this. Really? Yes.