Buffer's Highest-Performing MOFU Facebook Ad

Buffer's Highest-Performing MOFU Facebook Ad - student project

Hey everyone!

Super excited to share my project with you! I felt like this would be some great inspiration for those wondering how to get started with ads in the middle and bottom of the funnel (MOFU & BOFU). Here are the exact steps we took to create this! 

1) Determine what our greatest asset is in terms of content. For us, that's our blog as it brings in the most signups to Buffer each month (according to Google Analytics).

2) Determine what our top performing blog post is in terms of signups. Once we knew that our blog was our top converter, we zeroed in on our top performing blog post.

Top Post: https://blog.bufferapp.com/instagram-growth

3) Create a Google UTM link to track traffic from Facebook Ad

4) Use Facebook Ads Manager to create ad. We focused on a developing a strong headline, an eye-catching visual, and a captivating caption. Then we tested several variations until we found a combination that worked well - Low CPC & High CTR.

5) Monitor this ad to ensure that it is delivering.

Ad Data and Results:

- Time: 6 months

- Spend: $615

- Engagement: 475 Like, 91 Shares, 134 Comments

- Reach: 261,000

- Traffic: 19,700 

- CPC: $0.03

- Results: 415 new Buffer customers

I'd love to hear your thoughts? Anything that we can do to improve this ad? Or maybe we can be thinking about this ad in a different way? Feel free to share how we might improve! 

I'm also super excited to see your ads in the project section. This is a perfect opportunity to learn from each other!

What has gone well for you? 

What can you improve?

Looking forward to it!

Strategic Partnerships Manager, Shopify