Bouquet for an Overdue Visit

Bouquet for an Overdue Visit - student project

This class looked interesting when I first came across it.  But what sold me on the class was the suggestions of what to do with the bouquets and paintings after they were finished.  I knew that I needed to make up a bouquet to take to a widow who was home bound and that I hadn’t visited for a long time.

One thing I did not anticipate was how difficult it would be to find fresh flowers in the desert Southwest.  I used this class project as an excuse to check out a local artist and farmer’s market.  Unfortunately they were heavy on the artists, not the farmers.  There were no flowers to be found there.  What I really appreciate about this class is that the principles for arranging apply just as easily to fake flowers as real ones.  There are plenty of fake flowers to be found around here.

I finally found some fresh flowers at a local grocery store, but the selection wasn’t extensive.  I wish I could remember what these two flowers are called.  I also wish that I had thought about the painting part of the project when I selected them.  White flowers and lily-type flowers—both are a challenging for me.

I chose to focus on just the lilies (or whatever the orange ones are).  It was due to time constraints.  The kids were at a special program, and I wanted to drop off the bouquet before I went to pick them up.  I had already taken pictures for future reference, but I wanted to do what the class suggested, painting from life.

The bouquet was a real blessing to the person I made it for.  And I had some flowers left over to enjoy in my own house.  The section of the class on flower care really helped me to keep them going for a long time.  I was impressed.


I am definitely looking forward to doing more of this, arranging bouquets and painting flowers from life.  This was a great class!

Artist & owner of Flory Avenue Designs