Beachy Wooden Welcome Sign

Beachy Wooden Welcome Sign - student project

I'm a perfectionist, so I wanted to take this class to push me out of my comfort zone and embrace the happy accidents that would probably happen in my project.

Two years ago, I found a piece of driftwood that had washed up on the beach. I had plans to do some sort of lettering on it, but I've been too scared to actually do it! I finally pulled it out of the back of my closet for this class.

First, I drew a few thumbnail sketches to figure out the composition.

Beachy Wooden Welcome Sign - image 1 - student project

Once I decided how I wanted it to look, I used tracing paper to draw the design to scale.

Beachy Wooden Welcome Sign - image 2 - student project

I was really excited about the chalk transfer method and thought it would work great for this project. However, the wood was very rough and bumpy so it barely transferred anything. Luckily I was able to freehand the design because there enough small chalk marks on the wood to help guide me.

Beachy Wooden Welcome Sign - image 3 - student project

Finally it was time to paint! I decided to use acrylic paint for this piece.

Beachy Wooden Welcome Sign - image 4 - student project

I'm really happy with how it turned out and I think that the imperfections add to the charm!

Beachy Wooden Welcome Sign - image 5 - student project

Sarah Barton

graphic designer/type lover