BOOP! - student project

Hello fellas!

First of all I have to say that since I knew about Alex Trochut´s proyects when I started my studies in Graphic Design, five years ago, and since that moment I have been following his works. He has been a great influence for me.

In this proyect I am looking for some inspiration in fashion fotography. I found this picture which, i don´t know why, it motivated me to make something funny, working with textures to create an original bubble gum effect in the lettering. I would love to mention the picture´s author but I´m afraid I do not know who took it.

My next step was to write a words list that the photo prompted me:





-Make up





To create the word "Boop" I tried to recreate the sound of a bubble in the moment that it explotes.

The next step was work in the lettering, as you can see the result of that:

After that I made a copy and give it the shadows and effects to obtain that look.

After some hours of illustrator, here is the final result. I hope you enjoy it!

Here you can see the lettering with more detail:

See you!!