Artsy adventure!

Artsy adventure! - student project

Wow, this is such a refreshing class!

I was dealing these last months with a creative block wanting to do something and not having ideas, or not focusing at all. Frustrating. I forgot that experimenting is the best way to push your mind a little bit and got on the creative road again! Taking a class from Marie-Noëlle is one of the best ways to do that!

Experiment 1. I made this exercise twice, as I had different pencil cases for each one. I made the first one with my current everyday tools: pencils and ink pens and brushes. I've discovered that I have a random pen with a tiny tip that gives me creative vibes!

I made my second try with a bunch of tools I don't usually use (some of them I've only used once or twice since I bought them!). As you can see, it is very experimental. I've fallen in love with 005 Micron pens! (I've discovered that I even have a Micron Brush Pen that I bought like... four years ago and never used it until yesterday?) Also, I have a white charcoal pencil that does wonders over dark backgrounds!

Experiment 2 was made almost at the end of my sketchbook (seven pages left!). I've found it a bit curious, like a door that is opening for my future second sketchbook. In the beginning, the drawing was pretty simple, so I added details and unleashed myself. Sometimes, you fear to add features, but hey, it's not such a bad option! Remember: you have to push yourself a little bit. 

Experiment 3 is a bit hilarious, but so funny! I love the blind portrait, as there is something very defining there and cooler than the left one!

For the third part of Experiment 3, I got my hands on the last watercolour set I've bought and that I wanted to try appropriately, and my forgotten water brushes. I was so in a trance with the music. I didn't think just painted. Washes, quick strokes. It was a fantastic feeling that I've been missing for months.

Now on to Experiment 4, that was a bit like doodling about a theme. As there are lots of butterflies right now in the gardens, I took a picture as a reference and started working with it.

I'm pleased with the ones made with Pentel brush quick strokes. I feel the movement of the butterfly on it! And it seems that I've got a bit into abstract lines with the random tiny tip pen on this whole project. I've discovered that doing those lines relaxes me a lot (I even made with them a full illustration on the same day that I'm proud about).

This whole project finish with Experiment 5! I should have taken a picture before making a mistake. It was a red pencil line crossing the big tree that it turned out into more wires hanging from the branches.

Now, let's keep on experimenting! There are so many materials that I've left here!

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