Apple Pie Ice Cream

Apple Pie Ice Cream - student project

I chose to make apple pie ice-cream because why not! I got some golden delicious apples lying around, so I decided that apple pie ice-cream was the way to go. I started from making the graham crackers crust to give the ice-cream the crunchy texture. Then, I cooked the apples in sugar and butter over medium heat until they turned soft. I stored the crust and the apples in the refridgerator to keep them cool until I was ready to mix it with the ice cream base.

Apple Pie Ice Cream - image 1 - student project

Apple Pie Ice Cream - image 2 - student project

By this time, the kitchen started to smell really sweet and delicious... but the most important part was yet to come: the ice-cream base! I Once all the ingredients were ready, it was time to mix everything together!

Apple Pie Ice Cream - image 3 - student project

Apple Pie Ice Cream - image 4 - student project

The result turned out really well!! The cruchy crust, the sweet and syrupy apples, and the creamy ice-cream base: YUM! I cannot wait to make something else!