Anthony Bourdain Tribute

Anthony Bourdain Tribute - student project


Update: 6/19/18


Below are a couple revisions I've made to my project. Experimenting a bit with ligatures, and trying to be more consistent with the lowercase forms. Definitely very challenging. 

Seb mentioned that I could try to tame down the swashes of the 'A' and 'B', so this is something I've looked at. Also, I've been trying to become more disciplined with the lowercase letters. I think I'm most pleased with the large top version below. Here I try to use a similar curves in the swash of the 'A', the ascender of the 'h', and the descender of the 'y'. 



First off, thanks so much for putting this class together, Seb! I've been admiring your work and studying it every now and then for a while now! 

After hearing the news yesterday that Anthony Bourdain had passed away, I decided to dedicate this project to him in order to commemorate his life. 

I started off with the warm up exercises:

I've been practicing calligraphy for a few years now now, but I often struggle with word spacing. Hearing Seb's tip about imagining a lowercase 'i' in between each word seemed to help me feel more confident about where I should start the next letter. 

Thanks for checking out my project. And thanks so much to Seb for putting this class together. 


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