'Amazing' Ribbon Lettering

'Amazing' Ribbon Lettering - student project

Hi folks,

so this is the initial sketch for my ribbon lettering treatment that I took into Adobe Illustrator to vectorize.

'Amazing' Ribbon Lettering - image 1 - student project

Below, I've traced my sketch with the pen tool in illustrator, warped the lettering to give it an arc form and arranged and color coded the ribbon sections into layers from front to back ready to take into Photoshop.

'Amazing' Ribbon Lettering - image 2 - student project

From there I've pasted the ribbon section layers into photoshop where I've created masked layer groups and have applied colour, highlights and shadows to define the form.

'Amazing' Ribbon Lettering - image 3 - student project

As an extension or variation I've added some denim texture and stitching for an alternative effect within the same lettering style.

'Amazing' Ribbon Lettering - image 4 - student project

Luke Lucas

Typographer & Graphic Designer