Alyssa's Mood Board (Untitled)

Alyssa's Mood Board (Untitled) - student project

First assignment complete! 

Second assignment: 

  • Original photo was warmed up, some blemishes were fixed and it was straightened slightly- not too much was fixed as the intent of the photo was a quick snapshot, however, we were lookin a bit pale so a little warmth never hurt anyone. 

  •  then I cut my boyfriend out because he obviously wasn't ready for that photo op.

Soooo, I can do about 3 things in Photoshop at this point and secretly feel like the smartest person on earth (okay, let's not lie, I struggled for a second with the cut out). Here's to further learning! Can't wait for the final project! 

  • Third Assignment:  On to typography. I quickly learned I dont like many fonts. What is the font that skillshare uses, the one I am typing with now? I like it. Here is my next step in the class, a little typography. 

Lesson 4: inspiration and color!!!!!!

  • Yay! Used another photo from the Belize trip, a fruit stand, for my inspiration. 
  •  Gorgeous, right!?!?!

SO FINALLY WRAPPING IT UP- and putting everything together. I dont LOVE my board, but I was more concerned with learning Photoshop, so success on that side (I can do the basics now at least.) My board is based on the image in the top left of the fruit stand, taken by me during a trip to Caye Caulker, Belize in September. It was such a bright stand with so many colors. The pomegranate, the dark green of the pineapple and pink of the wood are what I took as the color inspiration, as well as a little of the indigo blue from the basket on the table. 

Kickin' ass and takin names.