Alice in Wonderland (with illustrations by M.C. Escher)

Alice in Wonderland (with illustrations by M.C. Escher) - student project

This was an amazing class. It was my first time playing with InDesign and enjoyed it a lot. 

For my project, I used Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (it was on the Gutenberg Project). My intention was to create an edition of "Alice" for an adult reader. I wanted it to be clear and simple on the text but with some nice visual twist. I was looking around for some uncopirighted optical art, but then I remembered M.C. Escher's art and I fell in love with the combination of Alice+Escher.

Escher's works, however, are strongly copyrighted, so this book will never see the light (not for another 70 years or so, when the copyright expires), but it was really fun to experiment with it.

These are some captures (the quality is quite bad, I just screen printed the InDesign file, sorry)

:) Thank you for this great class!