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Skillshare! Thank you for featuring me as your March 3rd, 2014 "Student Story"! What a wonderful surprise. I am truly so grateful! A special shoutout to Dennissa & the entire Skillshare team for being so kind! 


Afford a Luxury Party is a remarkable new party service that represents “change” – with a mission; to create affordable luxury-style parties, changing the world by making them universally accessible and remarkably useful. 

Innovatively disruptive and designed to offer consumers mind blowing costs that are astonishingly low, Afford A Luxury Party is presented in a style that suggests "luxury". And, because of the materiality and the physicality of how it works - essentially, it's a service to instantly think of when you plan to have a party. 

A large part of the philosophy behind Afford a Luxury Party is the "change" that it represents; change that trumps the "old guard" status quo.

It’s socially innovative. Because it's a service offering luxury that's affordable for everyone. So it’s extremely inclusive, not “rich people exclusive” - unlike the traditional high-prices charged by caterers and party planners today. Beautiful, stylish parties shouldn’t be only for those of wealth and means. So, even though Afford A Luxury Party has luxury elements attached to it, it really is for everyone. 

It's a long story about how I wandered into catering and event planning, but after I did, I learned from the best in the business.

Working with the “Caterer to the Stars” taught me the value of excellence and what it's like to work for high net-worth customers. While starting my own party production company in Metro-Detroit (that struggled along with the auto companies due to the Great Recession of 2007-2008) taught me patience, to listen to the voice of my intuition, and to believe and trust it.

Yet, what was actually the best insight was seeing the juxtaposition between "rich people's problems" and "average-income people's problems". Because at the same time - I was experiencing and learning how to solve them both. Due to the insight gleaned from my experiences; creating gorgeous events for Hollywood's A-list "creme de la creme", while like most people - not being able to afford the same type of luxury; I am uniquely suited and very distinctly prepared to solve both types of customer's party problems.

It's that combination that defines Afford A Luxury Party. 


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Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest Jab-Monster Jabs & RH's!

UPDATE #1 - Facebook "Jab"

Selling a Catering & Party Planning Service in the upcoming New Year, the visual/auditory correlation "Jab" here; to attract a reader who is preparing for a party by making party "swag" bag (gift bag) of cookies, for example - or, someone baking bread or anything else one might bake throughout the year.

CLICK ON THE LINK to find that this links out to; to a "personalized, introductory, this is what we're about" type audio-cast. 

This piece of content speaks to the many moms out there preparing parties for their children (or anyone planning a party). Y'know, the DIY-er's (Do-It-Yourself-er) types who are budget conscious; that like to save money. Of which, saving money is a "key" feature of Afford A Luxury Party service; as it offers consumers SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS.

To make this a Christmas holiday season тЩмMerry-Merry!тЩл "Jab", I would place a sprig of hollyberry at a corner of the photograph (i.e, a St. Patrick's Day four-leaf clover, 4th of July American flag, etc.). This  "Jab" was first intentionally designed sans logo to render a personable "Think of us" message to the viewer/listener, as the first and only service to call whenever they're throwing a party.

A/B split testing and the analytical outcome would, of course, determine whether viewers prefer a logo-less "Jab" (still displaying the company name as seen on the graphic) versus a "Jab" displaying the company logo. But as per @GaryVee - Gary Vaynerchuk, I've decided to add the logo. 

"We're cooking up the best in #AffordableLuxury party services - just in time for your next celebration!" 

UPDATE #2 - Instagram & Twitter "Right-Hook"

Created for Twitter, Facebook and the like, this is the "Extra! Extra! Read all about it!" piece of content that cuts straight to the "Right-Hook" chase. 

While hopefully fascinating the reader, this intriguing headline - causing them to think about how over-priced traditional caterers and event/party planners prices actually are, is devised to get their attention of course. The plan is to inspire them to click on the "Right-Hook" link, which links out to a blog post on, for now. When the website is built, we will link out to a "We've solved your party cost problem, hire us!" page.

CLICK ON THE LINK to see that this piece of content is linked out to a blog post on OR using the second phrase in the copy - could be linked out to the company website, to a "booking the service" type of page. 'Nuff said. And hopefully, widely read.

"We've #CRUSHED the Crisis! Book an #Affordable #HolidayParty NOW!... (888) 88-PARTY"

UPDATE #3 - Instagram "Jab"

Instagram is known for quoting content, hence this Instagram "Jab"... that will be added to other content-pertinent sites with links out to the Afford A Luxury Party company website, blog posts, and audio & video content.

No Caption or slogan with this one. Because of course, we'd have to LOVE parties, right? Adding anything more seemed like overkill.

UPDATE #4 - Twitter, Pinterest & Google+ "Right-Hook"

The piece of content below will logo-link to the Afford A Luxury Party company website. Obviously, not to Instagram. 

My two nephews are music artists that began on Madonna's Maverick Records label. Due to my relationship/association with them and their music careers, I seem to have acquired quite a few Twitter music industry peep follower/fans: singers, rappers, DJ's, etc. 

With a cosmopolitan big city vibe kinda thing going on with this piece of content (It's a black and white aerial shot of Chi-Town, by the way), I figure I #mightaswell #hashtag to them and other music lovers. Use whatcha got when you got it. Right? (review hashtags below)

"Call your #friends. Create your #playlist. Kiss the #cook. Click the #Balloon & Book Your #Party... NOW!"

UPDATE #5 - Instagram & Pinterest "Jab"

I thought it would be important for the reader to actually "hear" about what I realize is the significance of why people celebrate, and what is of MAJOR IMPORTANCE to me - as the Founder & Owner of Afford A Luxury Party.

CLICK ON THE LINK below to hear the SoundCloud audio-cast about how I realize and why I realize it's so very important that the parties we create have to be done so "just right".

The little details of a party are a LARGE PART of my personal story. 

This piece of content can also be for Instagram, sans the audio-track of course. 

"We know that everything's got to be just right for your #party. We understand. It's important to us too!"

UPDATE #6 - Twitter & Facebook "Right-Hook"

This "less is more" piece of content shown below pretty much says it all, telling readers what Afford A Luxury Party is about. Can be displayed without a caption, making it more of a "Jab", and it will still convey the message - telling the reader what the brand is about/what it offers. 

"Book Your #AffordableLuxury #Party NOW! Call 888-88-PARTY Today!

UPDATE #7 - Instagram & Twitter "Jab"

This is an "attitude" piece.

Afford A Luxury Party really is for everyone.

We won't put you or your party in a box. We understand that parties, like people, are multidimensional. They each have their own heartbeat, blood flow, and rhythm. 

Parties have no demographic. Parties aren't contingent on race, creed, color, religion, sexual preferences, or even a location. 

Parties. Just. Are. 

This piece of content is for the "anti" status quo; people who are "over it"; people who'll "turn up" over injustice about anything in a New York second; people looking to have a new party-cool-atmosphere/right-accouterment dope party for their friends to come hang.

They can crumple up and throw away your invitation and not attend your party - for all you care. Those who are supposed to be there will be there and those who aren't, won't.

And, why should you bother to care?

"Everybody's not supposed to be at YOUR damn #party anyway. #BOOM! #newguard #necessary #newpartycool"

UPDATE #8 - Tumblr & Twitter "Jab"

Positioning ourselves as the "new party cool" party service for kids (and adults cool enough to "get it"), this piece of content speaks to young people of all ages that like to follow the latest trends - that also like to dance and party.

This piece of content was inspired by a 17-year-old high school girl that follows me on Twitter. After tweeting with her about the provocative dance called "the Twerk" or "twerking"; when asked if she was "FOR" or "AGAINST" it, she immediately tweeted back, "#FOR!".

She is one of the 41.1MIL Miley Cyrus "Smilers"; fans that follow Cyrus on Twitter. Cyrus became the talk of the media when she "twerked" on Robin Thicke during their 2014 MTV VMA performance. This was funny to me; how the media went on and on about it. Cyrus' twerking was extremely tame compared to how I've seen the dance performed in nightclubs, three years ago, right here in Houston, Texas USA. 

So yes - this content is for young people, sure. And, it's for anyone else that's cool enough to not be offended by the Twerk - which is largely our demographic. This content also says that you can Afford A Luxury Party too.

Being the anti-status quo party mavens that we are, we'll create another version of this piece of content that says: "You can Twerk at OUR Parties".

"#Dance how you wanna dance or don't dance at all... Just as long as you #party hearty and have a good time!"

UPDATE #9 - Tumblr "Jab"

This is a non-moving image of an actual.gif created for Tumblr.

This .gif (featuring my "baby-cat-dude", Joey Tuxedo - my cat, who repeatedly sticks out his tongue at the status quo - cos his mom has the kahunas to challenge them; bringing to the marketplace Afford A Luxury Party!) is such that it can be the actual .gif that it is OR it can be displayed as the still image that you see below - that can also be shared on Twitter and posted on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

This non-moving image of the actual.gif created for Tumblr was provided, unfortunately, because Skillshare isn't hospitable - due to its size.

At the time of posting, to be made available for your review was to upload it elsewhere; at See actual .gif below. 

As a still image, I would post this on Facebook,  Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

"Venire, Videre, Vincere. (To come. To see. To conquer.) That's the point. Right? #newguard #parties"

Here's the smaller file size of the gif image above.

"Venire, Videre, Vincere. #newguard #parties"

UPDATE #10 - Tumblr "Right-Hook"

I had a lot of fun with this one. This awesome Houston Metro bus driver actually took me to the office on Veteran's Day (2013) dressed in this manner for absolutely no reason at all, except "Because SHE can".

She represents celebrating individualism and uniqueness, which embodies the Afford A Luxury Party brand and culture in a HUGE way; with her undying "I'm me, I'm doin' me, I'm living my life and who cares WHAT you think!" style.

You have to feel pretty good about yourself to go against the grain of the status quo and wear this to a job perceived by most as "dull" or "boring"; that this city bus driver clearly makes fun. Because when you're a passenger on her bus, she graciously makes you get on board with her program - using her fun attitude and "get-up" (hair ornaments and bracelets) to do it, without even asking.

She truly embodies the spirit of Afford A Luxury Party - disrupting the status quo and socially innovative change!

I love her magnetism and spunk! 

"Don't get left behind! Join the Afford A Luxury #Party Because You Can! #newguard #newpartycool" 

UPDATE #11Facebook & Twitter "Right-Hook"

This electronic WOM ("Word of Mouth") piece of content below is devised to target existing customers - as brand ambassadors.

The clickable bubble will take them to a landing page - where they can introduce friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers to learn about and connect with Afford A Luxury Party via filling out a form, whereby they will provide us with their email addresses. 

"You aren't able to invite EVERYBODY? We can! Click the Bubble & Tell Your #Friends NOW!" 

UPDATE #12 - YouTube &  Facebook "Jab" 

Clearly, this is an "off the cuff" introductory video that I made where I wasn't going for "perfect". Instead, I wanted to tell my story and be as relatable as possible to the viewer as someone who, just like them, is concerned about spending money - especially, on parties and other types of celebrations.

I think this video can be considered both a "Jab" and a soft "Right-Hook". The "Jab" because I share my story (of who I am and how I got into the "party business). And, the soft "Right-Hook" - as I mention to the viewer; what we're going to do, together.

"VIDEO: Meet Afford A Luxury Party & Carlo #newguard #newpartycool #business" 

UPDATE #13 - Instagram & Pinterest "Jab"

New Year's Resolutions can be kind of fun and something that we can all relate to, even if we're not resolving something ourselves. So, I figured this would be a good time to capitalize on that fact; getting the Afford A Luxury Party brand out there for people to see.

Celebrating New Year's Eve 2014, this resolution is one of ten (10) that will be posted consecutively on Instagram, Pinterest, and possibly Twitter and Facebook too. 

"Tell us your #NewYear's #resolution! Afford A Luxury Party wishes you a fantastic year full of #parties!"

UPDATE #14 - Facebook "Jab"

On day 3 out of 365 - and in keeping with the New Year theme, this caption-less piece of content is a "jab" asking readers with resolutions about reaching their goals. 

UPDATE #15 - Instagram "Jab"

It's not popular to throw a Valentine's Day party. So, to give Afford A Luxury Party some V-Day brand exposure, we'll participate... celebrating Valentine's Day by posting this:

"#Love is the glue that holds a good party together." We celebrate love! #HappyValentinesDay"

UPDATE #16 - Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest "Right-Hook"

To announce the late Fall/Winter 2015 unveiling of Afford A Luxury Party, this content serves as a "right-hook" announcement to click the link and go to our website to learn more. 

Website: under construction.

"Summer's coming! Find out the straight-up #newpartycool #truth. #TurnUp & Say No 2 #HighPrices!" 

UPDATE #17 - Pinterest

This one tells it's own story.

"Stay tuned for more #party tips from Afford A Luxury Party... Because you can! #newpartycool #newguard " 

UPDATE #18 - Tumblr, Twitter & SnapChat "Jab"

I live in Houston. So, "posting local", for example, we honor Houston's own, "Queen Bey" aka Mrs. Carter and her "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour"... as the Queen would say... "We flawless", so we decided to pay homage to Beyonce

The "Beyonce "FLAWLESS" campaign", stemming from the popular track on her "Beyonce" CD, features plaid content shown below. Each plaid square will be posted separately and shared on various Social Media sites frequented by people between the ages of 15 to 40.

Choosing something this demonstratively obvious to share and single out some of the Beyonce "Beyhive" (a very dedicated group of Beyonce fans); each post will have only a small caption added beneath it without risking being "hokey" or trying too hard. 

CAPTION EXAMPLE: To coincide with it's matching plaid square, "FLAWLESS! #NewPartyCool #newguard #parties"  

And, in the spirit of Mrs.Carter, who RULED the music scene and media in 2014... (scroll downward)

"I woke up like diss. I woke up like diss. Ladies tell 'em... we #flawless!" #newguard #NewPartyCool"  

Mrs. Carter Show Tour backup dancers holding costume "flannels" aka "flannel shirts" worn tied around their waists during the show performances.

Additional content... 

Based on the 2016 Beyonce Knowles-Carter "Formation World Tour"


Intellectual Property

Afford A Luxury Party LLC methodically is creating innovative and proprietary products and services and will aggressively pursue upcoming U.S. and International Utility Patents, Design Patents, Design Registrations, Trademarks, Shape Marks, Copy Rights and Trade Dress enforcement. We take our inventions & product and service designs seriously and expect both our competition and trade partners to do the same. Afford A Luxury Party LLC vigorously will protect all Patents and Trademarks and will seek court orders stopping the sale of the infringing products and services plus substantial monetary damages and legal costs. We have some of the best I.P. enforcement in Texas available with a reach at all levels of the trade channel including manufacturing, import/export, customs, distribution, and retail.  

Party Catering/Planning Badass