A Story I wanted to Return to

A Story I wanted to Return to - student project

Forgive the terrible formatting. I wrote this a long time ago and I just found it again. Decided it was a good place to start to try and get back into writing. Also sorry for this...upload? I don't know how SkillShare works. Hopefully with time comes understanding.
The Start
"Luna! Wake up!" Someone yelled.
"Shut up!" I yelled back, intent on going back to sleep.
Suddenly, my ankles were grabbed and I was pulled into the cruel sunlight of the world.
"Wake up!" Moon yelled in my ear.
"FRICK! That hurt!" My poor ear was ringing like a warning bell. I gave Moon my "Death Glare" and tried to crawl back into my tent. However, Moon dragged me out again, this time farther.
"Moon..." I groaned, "I hate you soooo much right now."
"I love you too sis!" Moon said with that annoying happy-go-lucky smile.
I stood up and growled.
"Why did you wake me up so early?" I asked.
"Well...I wanted you to meet my friends," she answered with another smile.
I started to laugh half-heartedly. She looked at me confused.
"What's so funny?" she asked, confused.
She as this tendency to give anybody the "puppy-dog" when she asks for stuff. Sure enough, her eyes were getting big as my laughter died down.
"Moon, in case you've forgotten, let me remind you that I HATE PEOPLE!" I yelled at her.
Her puppy-dog eyes changed to a pouty face and she put her hands on her hips. It was a classic "mom" pose.
"Well, then you have to change that, because I think one of them could be your future husband," she said excitedly.
I lost it there. I was rolling on the ground, laughing my head off.
"ME?!" I managed to say before succumbing to another laughing fit.
I laughed for a good five minutes. My lungs hurt so much, but it was so funny.
"Me? Have a husband? Yeah right Moon. Then we'll have a daughter and name her Lucy. She'll be magical and will have the ability to fly," I finally said, wiping the tears from my eyes, "Oh, you kill me sis."
She still had her pouty face.
"Aw, come on Luna. At least come meet them. They're really nice," she insisted.
I groaned and gave a big heaving sigh.
"Fiiiiiine, but don't think that I won't hate them. That's up to my judgement," I assured.
She looked at me with her "It's a deal" face.
"Fine, fine. You don't have to love them, but just try to be nice? For me? Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase?" She asked with a giant smile.
I swear she's part snake. She unhinges her jaw to accommodate such a large smile. The she started her puppy-dog eyes again. To be honest, it was a little unsettling to have her snake smile and puppy-dog eye combination.
"Moon...don't. Don't even think about it," I warned.
She continued the combination.
"Not the eyes. NO!" I yelled.
She started backing off, taking notice of her victory.
"I hate you so so so much right now," was my last comment.
Her response: the snake smile.
† † †

We've been walking for hours. My feet hurt and I'm tired. Moon, on the other hand, looks as fresh as a morning daisy. Maybe our parents should have named her Daisy instead. I trudged along behind her with my pack. I raised my head up just enough to see what was in front of me. It was nothing but forest for miles around, but I saw a tiny speck of yellow among the dark greens and browns. I knew a camp was nearby by the smell of someone cooking. We walked into the camp and I plopped my stuff right next to the fire. Moon walked to all the tents and talked to the residents. I prepared myself for annoying people. Four people emerged from the tents and all sat around the fire. They were all boys, around my age.
"Hey Moon, what's up?" one of the boys asked.
"Oh nothing, I-" Moon started.
"Who's that hot thing?" another boy asked.
I immediately turned to him and gave him the "Death Glare." He didn't seem too worried about my glare, so I answered.
"I am Luna..." I started, "Moon's twin sister. By calling me hot, you called Moon hot and that gives me a reason to kill you."
I sounded emotionless and I stood, ready to draw a dagger from my belt. Unfortunately, Moon grabbed me and pulled me back down.
"And you two are sisters?! Like from the same mother and father?" the boy who called me hot asked.
"Yup and yup," Moon said, "By the way, Luna, this is Hunter, Aaron Xander, and Maelstrom."
Moon pointed to each boy as she spoke their names.
Hunter had brown hair with brown eyes. His hair was kind of long for a guy. It reached his shoulders. He was smirking, but he was one of those people that hid many secrets behind that smirk. He was the one that called me hot. Therefore, he was my enemy. He wore light travel clothes under a leather jerkin. He had some heavy boots and kept a sword in his belt. I also saw a scar on his cheek, which looked kind of evil in the fire light. He's seen some action; I just hope he wasn't a coward when he got that scar.
Aaron's hair was black and short, and he had green eyes. I saw the way he looked at Moon. He liked her. He looked handsome enough, I suppose. I think his eyes would be the most attractive feature about him. Moon likes green. I just hope he knows the boundaries while I'm around or he’s going to learn them the hard way.
Xander had blonde hair and his eyes were blue. Kind of like mine and Moon's eyes. He looked familiar, but I couldn't remember from where. He was tall, even as he sat. His hair was the same length as Hunter's. He had a nice smile, I suppose. It wasn't ugly at least. He also had a hearty laugh. It looked like he wields a large hammer, but I couldn't tell for sure.
Maelstrom is an interesting character. He wore a white hood and cape. I couldn't see his face at all. It was almost pitch black inside his hood. He also wore white armor, but I could have sworn it moved on its own. He must have shifted or it's just the light playing tricks on my eyes. He also seemed to completely ignore me. I saw him punch Hunter when he called me hot. He looks like a more solitary guy. I think we'll get along alright.
"So, Luna...tell us a bit about yourself," Hunter said, looking at me.
I looked at the group. Everyone was looking at me, except Maelstrom who was staring deeply into the flames of the fire.
"Well, I am Luna...Moon's twin sister," I started cautiously, "I hate people and emotions."
I had to smirk after that, so it kind of ruined the effect I was going for. Moon kind of face palmed herself while everyone else had sort of uncomfortable looks.
"And you two are twins?" Aaron asked, looking at Moon.
I sighed, "Sadly, yes we are."
I gave Moon a "Death Glare" and she just shrugged.
"So, why haven't we heard of you before?" someone asked behind me.
Faster than lightning, I stood, spun, and slapped the hell out of whoever was behind me. It was Hunter. Strange, I didn't notice him stand. He yelped and put a hand on his face.
"By the way, you really shouldn't scare her," Moon said.
"DON'T YELL AT MY SISTER!" I screamed back.
I punched him in the face. He fell to the ground with a satisfying thud.
"OW! Ok, ok! I give up. Have mercy!" He said, covering his face.
Yeah, I guess he got that cheek scar from a tree branch as he was running away from a fight.
"Luna! Don't hurt your future husband!" Moon yelled.
I stopped, caught off guard.
"My future...what?" I asked, looking at her.
"Your future husband!" She told me with the biggest smile.
Hunter's POV
"Your future husband!" Moon had yelled out.
I uncovered my face just in time to see Luna pounce on Moon. She also yelled in a different language.
I probably don't want to know what she's saying, I thought.
Wait...future husband? Where did Moon get that idea? I don't even know the chick. I mean...Luna is kind of cute when she's not on a rampage, but I think I should get to know her first before Moon hooks us up.
Luna's POV
I gave Moon, who wasn't moving on the ground, the "Death Glare" before storming off. I can't believe she would even joke about that. I don't like anybody, let a lone get married to someone.
Well, Hunter is kind of handsome, I guess. In his own way. His eyes are-
I stopped myself. What am I thinking?! ARGH! I can't stand her! Or him! Or anyone!
I was at the edge of camp before someone grabbed my wrist.
"Let go before I destroy your throat," I threatened.
"Where are you going?" Someone asked in a calm tone.
"I don't anyone here!" I huffed, turning towards him.
It was Maelstrom, the guy with no visible face. It didn't help that it was starting to get dark. I just stared at him. He let go of my wrist out of respect.
"That's because you haven't tried. Give us a chance," He said, "Also, I apologize for Hunter's behavior. Sometimes, he doesn't have a filter for that mouth of his."
I couldn't tell if he was smiling, but I kind of imagined he was. It was a small, but warm smile, though, more of a smirk. My anger died down and I sighed.
"I suppose I could try and get to know you guys," I finally said.
He nodded and led me back to camp. We talked long through the night.
And that is how I met my only real group of friends.