A Love Story Between Robot and Ghost

A Love Story Between Robot and Ghost - student project


A Fleeting Moment; Impermanence, Inconstant

I've been trying to figure out this love story between a robot and ghost lately and it's been running around in my head for months. It's part of a graphic novel I'm working on and I figured this was a great place to really explore and open up different ways it could work. 

They're two opposites:

Robot time travels from the future, Ghost from the past. 

Robots have no feelings and state out facts. Ghosts are left behind because of some strong emotional connection.

Electromagnetism is how computers store memory and there are theories that ghosts are made up of electromagnetic energy. There's some conflict there. Haven't figured out how this will work. 

I'm also interested in fleeting moments. Whether it is better to live a life of only moments and not know they're moments or to live a life with some moments scattered through and think back to them and experiences worth remembering. 

Summer Ending, Loss of Childhood Innocence, Moving on, Roller Coasters, Brief bursts of happiness

Tying back to Robot and Ghost, their love story is short because once it's fulfilled Ghost might pass on and never be with Robot again. So in a way, it's also quite sad and can only be a moment of happiness they share.


Personal Connection

The memories that impact us are the short ones that we never expect. There was a boy I met on a 2 week trip back to Taiwan when I was in 5th or 6th grade. I had gone back for a grandfather's funeral and met him through an older cousin there. We had language barriers since I spoke broken Chinese and he spoke zero English, but we understood each other with the few words we knew together. We didn't have that many moments alone and the moments we did have were innocent and sweet. We'd play a lot near water (swimming pools, watering holes, lakes, etc.)  He taught me how to skip rocks. 

From the beginning, we knew we would never see each other again after the trip was over. He would tell me that we were too different. 
You're American. You won't remember me when you leave. 
Our families are too different. Our lives are too different. 

Nothing he told me mattered. 

The night I was about to leave, we sat on the playground jungle gym and gazed at the moon. He turned to me and told me that he liked someone who looked like me. 
Who is it? I asked. 
I don't remember if we held hands, but after that night I never saw him again.  

The following are way more organized on my computer, but for here:

Overheard Conversations & Quotes I like that may or may not work:

"Papercuts hurt a lot. They’re tiny, but they hurt more than other things that are big. "Happiness is in your ability to love others. ~Leo Tolstoy
"Love until it hurts, hurt until it doesn't"
"Don’t let there be any mold. It will probably suffer and die."
"This was just a moment in the woods." ~Into the Woods
When there’s nothing left to burn, you have set yourself on fire. ~ Stars

Research & Inspirations (Haha these are embarrassing...)

Cardboard, duct tape, and construction paper

Into the Woods
Miyasaki films: Spirited Away & the robot in Castle in the Sky
Wall-E & Eve
The Little Prince and his Rose



So Anyway...

At the base of it, it's a short love story between opposites. 

That's a part of what I have so far.