10-DAY Calligraphy project: DAYS 1-5

10-DAY Calligraphy project: DAYS 1-5 - student project

Hello everybody,

My goal in this class is to find my own writing style. I love traditional Copperplate and will take it as a basement on which I can build something unique, as my personal calligraphy style. 

DAY 1 exercise:

DAY 2 exercise:

In this lesson I concentrated mostly on my letters connection:

As per Bryn's recommendation I tried to change my curved Copperplate connections into more straight ones. And I must agree that straight connections between letters give more fluent and modern appeal to the writing.



DAY 3:

In this lesson I focused on even space between the letters and slant.

This time I added some flourishes to my sentence. However by looking at it I can see that two parts of the sentence not balanced enough: 1st part has more weight in it, and I should reflect descender on the "p" in 2nd part as well to achieve more harmony.


This was a very useful exercise for me and of course it took me more than 10 mins of practice (2 days!) as it was actually the first time when I put alphabet together in ONE style in one piece of paper. I tried to get consistency between the letters. 

Great exercise. Thank you Bryn!