“Starving Alienated Life” Concept Illustration, ink, watercolor

“Starving Alienated Life” Concept Illustration, ink, watercolor - student project

Starting with “Stone Wall”, represents being a shut in disabled person. “Scorpion” because I live in the desert (which is also my sign). Counting the first big knuckle of the tail x 5. Each big knuckle represents a decade (10) years, than count small knuckles, each 5th is = to 1 year. 1 year x4= 4 years, Can you guess my age? The “Clock” with the insides falling down ( also making the Scorpions face) is the time waiting away. The “Cage”tells the feeling of being locked away in my home. “Alien” obviously alienated from humans and within the mind is the Fibonacci spiral which contains # day I was born and that I am a very Deep Thinker. “Apple Bread”, is the rotting food I get dropped off once a month at my doorstep from the Food bank. “Moss/algae”, is the Life that springs forward from rot and decay ( Green my favorite color). And from Life came Art into my world, living alone I needed something to grow…ME, the journey I just began in Art less than a year ago. This year marks 12 years alone and shut in. Not by choice, but by circumstances beyond my control….So NO more waisting time..I will create my own Universe…Stay Alive and Thrive! Thank you humbly for this opportunity, my heart is full of JOY! You never know what your capable of until you TRY and ANY age is a great age to start!