“Botanical Triangulation” Pattern

“Botanical Triangulation” Pattern - student project

Hi everyone,

I decided to do something abstract, but with organic feel because I like to use biological elements in my drawings. The nature is such amazing creator with limitless ways to present different shapes and colors! So, I searched through some microbiology images on the web for my inspiration. At the end of my exploration process, I came up with an idea of adding a geometrical shape such as a triangle since it is very popular subject lately. Also, I wanted to create not just a simple coloring page, but a seamless pattern so that anyone would be able to print this pattern and color in any size – even as a wallpaper roll for example.

For now, I did my sketching and designing, traced with a black pen to get contrast shapes, and I’ll need to digitize it. Please, leave me a comment if you like it or have any suggestions. I’ll be happy to hear another person opinion.



Nelli K.


This is my update and final post. I finished my project and colored it. Also, I created some examples of using this pattern. I really enjoyed the class and coloring my own coloring page.

I'm not sure if I can share the final product with you here, guys, but if someone wants to color this design, I'll send the link to download it. You're welcome to color it!


Thanks for attention!

Nelli K.

Surface Pattern Designer