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process for getting video transcribed and converted - step by step

so it's been a few months since i posted this course so i wanted to remind you of the workflow of getting your videos transcribed and the format i've been doing to enable me to get my content over on amazon video direct as easy as possible.

the steps i'm currently taking. ..

  • keeping the course under twenty minutes ($1 per minute translation on rev)
  • most are 12-15 minutes so i'm looking at around £10 per video
  • uploading my videos to amazon s3 using crossftp
  • creating all the text and titles on amazon videodirect while i'm waiting on my translations

are you doing your translations manually or are you using another service apart from rev? - if you cannot afford transcriptions are you using the auto generated youtube ones?

did you know you can upload to youtube and keep it private to get translations and download them to use elsewhere, they are not the best translations but they will get you started!


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