Your Love Match -- An Astrological Compatibility Reference App

Your Love Match is a simple astrological compatibility app. You tell it your name, your sweetie's (or potential sweetie's) name, your sign, his or her sign:

Then you wait while it calculates the results:

And I promise, the completed screens will look sooooo much better than this! Still working on my Xcode Wranglin', y'all!

And finally, you can see how you and your beloved match up astrologically:

You receive info on:

1) A general overview of the relationship

2) Potential pitfalls to look out for and ways to overcome them as a couple

3) Female Sign #1 and Male Sign #2

4) Male Sign #1 and Female Sign #2

5) Celebrity couples with the same match as yours

While researching the competition for this app, I found most of the other love match apps to be very simple with lots of graphics, ratings and "Grab Him Now!!!" or "Run, Girl, Run!!!!1!" but not very many with a thoughtful description of WHY the relationships might work or not. Also, most of the apps I've seen with detailed descriptions tend to be rather negative, heavily biased against certain signs and often poorly written or copied verbatim from somewhere else. Sheesh!

So I would like to create a clean, simple, elegant app that gives you the feel of one of those big ol' astrology love sign books without having to actually lug around a big ol' astrology love sign book. Who wants to be caught with that at the bar on a Friday night?



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