Water droplet on a feather

Water droplet on a feather - student project

Water droplet on a feather - image 1 - student projectI recently got my first DSLR and with it a 24-105mm lens. I have been rapidly exploring different areas of photography including portraits, landscapes and I especially love birds. I then recently started getting intrigued by macro photography and the physics behind it. I experimented a bit, and I watched videos about macro including this course. Photography is a hobby for me, so I can't spend too much money on it. I got extension tubes since they are cheap, but the problem was that only having close to 1x magnification is limiting. I then read a thing about mounting wide angle lenses backwards, to effectively get a magnification factor. If I understand correctly, a lens with a 0.5x magnification, mounted backwards, give you a 2x magnification. I bought a super cheap adapter that screws onto the lens filter thread, and then mounts onto the SLR. Using this to mount my 24-105mm backwards, at 24mm, together with an extension tube, I managed to capture the above image. It was SUCH a fun project and I am totally hooked on macro! I would love a MPE lens though and will definitely buy one if I have the money.