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Allie Runnion

illustrator + designer




Update 3/13/14

It's taking me forever to draw everything in illustrator, but wanted to post an update! Still lots of work to do on the buildings as well as details in other areas. Also still working on the color palette...May add another bright color to add some interest.

I've used some brushes just to try the technique out, but I plan on making a lot more, to better fit each shape size as Lydia suggested.


Update 3/4/14

I've added some more detail to my sketch before I move into illustrator. Wanted to work out how the sculpture will translate into flat shapes while still reading as a 3D form. I'm thinking a strong light source might help.

Hi there, 

I chose to illustrate Vasto, a small city in Italy on the Adriatic coast. I am returning there this summer and wanted to highlight the things that stand out in my memory in a sort of layered vertical composition. In the foreground is a sculpture of a swimmer who stands on a rock in the marina. Behind her, the perfect rows of umbrellas, and the Nettuno, an old family-owned hotel where we stay. A road leads up to Vasto city, where there is a central piazza with a historic church (where my grandmother was married) surrounded by the ancient streets and ruins. The mountains are in the very background.

Looking forward to blocking this in in illustrator!


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