Tattoo Business Card

Tattoo Business Card - student project


Hello everyone!

I’m creating a business card for a tattoo artist (my husband).

He wants to have a hand-made vintage look business card as well as the one with clean vector look, which also I’ve been working on.


BRAINSTORMING Vintage, Artisan, Craftsmanship, Hand painted, Dark, Harley Davidson, Jack Daniels.

COPY Name (Luca "Lord" Tatoo), “Tattoo”, “Custom Design”, and “Finest Quality”.


Tattoo Business Card - image 1 - student project

Tattoo Business Card - image 2 - student project


SKETCHING with Reference / from Memory

Tattoo Business Card - image 3 - student project



Tattoo Business Card - image 4 - student project



I worked on 200% of the final size. In the center, there will be a monogram which I created at the class "Exploring Letterforms through Monograms" by Will Pay. (I had fun!)

Tattoo Business Card - image 5 - student project



I actually did inking on the final size (by scaling down the final sketch) since I was not sure about the weight of the lines on a bigger scale. As I imagined, it was too small to work on. So I scaled up the inked piece to the original size to use it as a reference for the line weight.

Tattoo Business Card - image 6 - student project



Tattoo Business Card - image 7 - student project



I was actually asked to make it in black and white, but I tried to put some colour anyway… and I got a comment “Nah, it looks like a box for candies, not a tattoo world”. Oops!

Tattoo Business Card - image 8 - student project



I printed out on two different papers I had at home, just to check how it looks like: photo glossy paper and sketchbook paper (rough surface). I think it would be nice to print it on some (old) paper with certain texture!

Tattoo Business Card - image 9 - student project

Tattoo Business Card - image 10 - student project

UPDATE: 18/FEB/2016

Tattoo Business Card - image 11 - student project

Thank you for taking a look at my project!

Reiko Hirata
Graphic + Motion Designer