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Marina O.

Surface pattern designer & Illustrator



Surface Pattern Design Portfolio by COTTONFLOWER Studio

Hi Guys!!! I almost didn't make it. But I could not resist I had to participate somehow. Let's talk about these classes, soooo inspiring. Bonnie Christine help me so much when I got fired from my job, because about half hour prior to the event of talking to my boss about letting me go, on my break I had read a Bonnie's material about doing what you love and how she got there. Everything Bonnie had said keep coming to my mind when one of the most difficult time of my life was happening, and help me so much. I just wanted to start doing what I love as soon as I could. So for that, Thank you so much Bonnie! You help me in my most difficult time yet.

Please, check my complete portfolio at and let me know what you think. Hope you like it!!!

Thanks!!! :))))

This is my portfolio in illustrator while creating.


And here are some screenshot of the portfolio on issuu.





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