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"Stand Still Like The Hummingbird"

Stand Still Like The Hummingbird is a collection of stories and essays by Henry Miller, published in 1962. The passage that the phrase comes from has always been for me an inspirational, poetic verse:

"When you find you can go neither backward nor forward, when you discover that you are no longer able to stand, sit, or lie down,
 when your children have died of malnutrition
 and your aged parents have been sent to the poorhouse or the gas chamber,
 when you realize you can neither write nor not write,
 when you are convinced that all exits are blocked,
 either you take to believing in miracles
 or you stand still like the hummingbird."

When I read that passage and come to the last line, all the chaos, turmoil, and desperation these words have painted in my mind suddenly disappear. All that is a left is a perfectly still hummingbird, hovering in space, his wings beating so fast they are more heard than seen. And he just waits, motionless and emotionless, for the chance to flick his tail and be gone. So either you take to believing in miracles, or you own the moment and beat your damn wings until the time is right for you to pick up and carry on again. I think that last line "stand still like the hummingbird" would make a beautiful motivational poster...

So here's a few minutes of brainstorming. Anyone have anything to add?


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