Spirits: A Drunken Dive into Myths and Legends

Spirits: A Drunken Dive into Myths and Legends - student project

Spirits is a boozy biweekly podcast about mythology, legends, and lore that I started in February of 2015 with my best friend. Every episode we mix a drink and discuss a new story or character from a wide range of places, eras, and cultures. Learn brand-new stories and enjoy re-tellings of your favorite myths, served over ice every two weeks, on Spirits.

We are growing our support base on Patreon, sharing exclusive content with our Patrons like behind-the-scenes photos, bonus episodes, blooper reels, and printable recipe cards with drink and snack pairings for each episode. With Patron support we have been able to invest in equipment, pay our editor and designer, and devote more time to research. Our next funding goal will allow my co-host and me to start paying ourselves (and stocking our home bars); the one after that will enable us to switch from a biweekly to a weekly posting schedule. 

Our "Spiriters" are highly engaged with us on Twitter and Facebook, sharing personal stories and fanart each week. In future episodes we plan to include listener voice memos. Reaching new listeners and growing our audience is a priority, mainly through CTAs for social sharing in our shows and targeted outreach to blogs we love. 

If you have experience growing a podcast or fanbase support on Patreon, I'd love to hear from you! Reach me on Twitter or via email.

Amanda McLoughlin
Podcaster and Business Advisor