Sketchbook Cats

Sketchbook Cats - student project

Thank you so much for your lessons! I love your clear lines and how different and expressive you approach these different types of cats.

I wanted to start drawing in my new Sketchbook (yay for Christmas presents) and I need to work on my linework, and this course was perfect for that. I had a lot of fun. You're an awesome instructor and I'll certainly look into more of your work.


Sketchbook Cats - image 1 - student projectThe Sphynx Cat, getting warmed up.Sketchbook Cats - image 2 - student projectThe Persian - always had trouble with their face. This class helped a lot!Sketchbook Cats - image 3 - student projectAnd the Bombay/Street Cat. :)Sketchbook Cats - image 4 - student projectAnd since the whole process was keenly observed by my own furballs, I added a quick sketch of my Maine Coon Baby Sita.