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Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida... Located right in the heart of central Florida, the Sunshine State. Only one Interstate (I-4) run right through it, nicknamed as "Highway from Hell." Alligators, snakes, and bears roam around in your backyard, you can grown your own beautiful Orange trees... Humidity, mosquitoes, gnats, and No-see-um are the annoying factors, and Hurricanes are always a hit and missed.

The Central Florida city have the best playgrounds for both children and adults alike and you know what that is... Walt Disney World, Universal, Wet-n-Wild, SeaWorld, and best places to do shopping is right on International Drive.  Also, beautiful beaches is only 45 minutes to the Atlantic and 2 hours to the Gulf. Kennedy Space Centre is also about 2 hours away, watching the tiny rockets and shuttles launching on a clear morning... Hearing and feeling the Sonic Boom is the signal they are coming home was the normal thing... Before the government ceased it operations. Church Street Station was an amazing place before the economic downturn, paddle a swan boat on Lake Eola, go tubing in Kelly Park or canoeing in Wakiva River, watch the Magic or the Solar Bears game, take a stroll in downtown...

This is the city where I was born...

Why did I choose this for my project?

Not just because I'm feeling homesick, or this is my hometown... I thought a creative idea what Walt Disney did for his second phase of his park. He envisioned a city, a world of the future, he incorporated the ideas and philosophies of a lifetime. He started on his next park called EPCOT, and do you know what EPCOT stand for...?

Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

"I believe we can build a community that more people will talk about and come to look at than any other area in the world... I'm sure this Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow can influence the future of city living for generations to come." ~Walt Disney

These early concept images

below, was the orginal plan for EPCOT, and in the end it didn't work out well...


I'm going to spare out the history detail, if you are interested you can read it here:


What if the plan was successful? This would be Walt's biggest accomplishment... It would be the City of Tomorrow, and that City could make Orlando into one in the future.

This is my thought for the postcard... Creating Orlando similar to the EPCOT's "City of Tomorrow."

My Pinterest inspirational moodboard: 



More to come


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