Orange you glad

Orange you glad  - student project

Paleokerisio - Glinavos 2014

Orange you glad  - image 1 - student project

This is a traditional semi-sparkling orange wine from Greece.

  • Looks: Super dark orange, almost brown, bronze, amber. It's also very cloudy, and has lots of sediment. 
  • Nose: Vinegar, candy, green apple.
  • Taste: Light fizz, dry, alcoholic. It tastes like purple 4Loko to me. My boyfriend thinks it tastes like apple cider.

We tasted three different wines tonight (a Lambrusco and a Chardonnay as well), and this was our favorite by far. We love how funky orange wines are.

Amazing class, Gary! We will definitely be more thoughtful and deliberate in our wine tasting moving forward.