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Prologue: As you will remember, those of you who have read Chapter - 2, while I was riding on the handsome, young man, the "mysterious" Michael made his appearance. He was the friend that my friend Judith had set up for me. I was excited and curious to meet him, but annoyed by his arrogance, and I was ready to let him know about it.

7 - The Appearance of the Mysterious Friend

While I was still fucking that young man, I heard the hitherto unknown Michael begin to address me. I hadn't seen him approach, but he was now lying next to me. With that odious phrase that he had used before, which betrayed his 'style', he said,

"Hello little dog ..." That phrase made my skin stand on end and I almost stopped riding my cute boy, but he encouraged me saying, "Come on Alice, ride the boy well ... he deserves it!" Then, giving me a rhythmic slap on my ass to get me more excited in the fucking, and bringing his mouth to my ear, he said to me, 'See bitch, as everyone has been cumming, I've been watching you ... and I really like you! Your friend Judith strongly asked me to take care that you had fun and I am going to do it with pleasure! I also gave her my word, and I always keep my promises Outdoor gay movies"

Even though I kept fucking the boy, I instantly began to reply to him for his cheeky messages. He stopped me though, putting a finger in front of my lips, "Rules change, bitch, you can only speak when I speak to you, give permission or tell you to do it!"

"Come on, fuck him now! May he never forget how well you have ridden him, bitch," he told me while I saw that he was carrying something in his hands. This raised my curiosity and gave me mixture of fear and doubt, enough for me to give a quick look over at Judith, who just made an "everything's OK" sign at me, meaning I should let myself go without hesitation. That calmed me a little, but not enough, because my legs were beginning to weaken, a sign that his sudden presence disturbed me a lot.

He calmly opened it and showed it to me. It was black leather, with silver metal lettering, where you could read "Alice - Bitch." That turned me on even more, and while I was putting it around my neck, I couldn't take it anymore and I came like a whore between moans and spasms, "Aaahhh ... Yeahhh ... Ohhh ... Goddd ... Yesss ... I love to be fucked ... Ohhh ... Yeah!"

While I was shaking with pleasure from my orgasm, while the stranger put a bitch collar on me, I felt the boy - I had not thought of asking him to put on a condom, and now it was too late; he released numerous jets of cum inside my pussy, and I felt the hot semen sliding through my vagina.

Michael put a chain attached to the ring of the necklace, which made me feel virtually like a dog in his hands.

Again, he brought his mouth to my ear and said in an authoritative voice, "Lie on the boy! ... You are almost the dog I have looked for!"

I don't know why, but I obeyed him and dropped onto the boy's chest, who began to kiss and hug me.

I felt the chain tighten and loosen from my neck, and it turned me on.

It didn't take long for me to understand the reason for the Master's orders, when I felt how his fingers were collecting the cum mixed with my own juices. He began to lubricate and dilate my asshole with the creamy mixture.

At that moment, I realized that he was going to sodomize me, and that was going to hurt, so I tried to raise my head and protest, "No ... not the ass! ... please ... no!"

Judith covered my mouth so that Michael would not hear me, but it was too late. He unloaded two strong and vigorous slaps on my ass, spread my butt cheeks with his hands, and continued lubricating and dilating my anus.

I did not want him to fuck me in the ass; but surprisingly for me, neither was I totally opposed to it. I only protested a little because it was my right and for appearances sake. But apparently the one who was in charge was him; so, after the two lashes, I stopped pressing my lips.

My friend Judith, while gently caressing me with affection, said, "Alice love, you know that I do not wish anything bad for you; on the contrary ... but do not fear! Just let yourself be done and relax your ass, so that your Master can fuck you well ... Once he's done it the first time, you will be wanting him to sodomize you again! I swear Alice ... just relax, and wilfully become the bitch that both you and I are, love!"

I was totally off the hook with the situation. I wanted to be fucked, but it had been a long time since anyone had sodomized me, and I was afraid that it would hurt a lot, but I was also excited as it had been years since I was fucked that way! I surprised myself that I enjoyed playing the role of a submissive bitch. Besides, Phil, my husband, must have been looking for me ... God! What would he think if he saw me in this situation ... What I was doing was not right, but he had pushed me to have sex with others, always saying that he would be turned on to see me getting fucked by another man!

I also wanted to experience again, the forgotten sensations, and other new and daring ones, and in the situation that I was in, I could only continue with what we were doing free gay video chat

With my head resting on the chest of the boy who smiled and caressed me with affection and pleasure, and Judith encouraging me to experiment and enjoy myself freely, as we had done so many times before getting married, I felt the skilful hands of the Master, how they massaged my asshole in a circle and warmed it up and lubricated it well, slowly while I was relaxing ...

When I felt how the Master's cock was leaning hard at the entrance of my ass, I tensed again and clearly heard him say to me, "Calm dog ... Now relax, let your ass loose, don't tense it! I've been preparing it for you and now you're ready to be a real bitch and feel your Master filling your ass! ... Do not fear ... it will not hurt ... What you are going to get is an immense pleasure to feel full and possessed by me, and I will fill your beautiful ass with the cum that I have been saving for you and this sublime moment! ... My dog!"

The pressure of his cockhead on my sphincter was increasing by the seconds, and he massaged my ass to relax it while his cock gently entered inside me.

My asshole was reluctant to be opened, given the lack of continuity in being fucked this way, but you could tell that this man knew what he was doing, because he noticed how his cock was about to cross that threshold of pleasure; it was only a little while before it would go through it, and he didn't rush.

I felt excited like a whore, feeling that cock ready to fuck my ass, and in an instant, maybe half a second, with an accurate and calibrated push, the cock of my Master pierced my sphincter, making me cry of both pain and pleasure, which was progressively changing to that of intense pleasure! "Aayyy ... Ummm ... Ohhhh! ... Ohhhh! ... Oh, yeah! ..." Finally drifting into a continuum, "Ohhh, keep up, keep it up! ... Don't stop, please!"

Actually, being fucked in the ass is the most exciting and sublime way to give oneself to a man, and it drove me crazy, even though I had almost forgotten it when I married Phil!

Firmly held by my hips, the previously unknown Master fucked my ass like a God, feeling how he put it all in with each thrust, while his balls slapped against my pussy that continued to drip the semen of the boy who now watched ... Whap ... Whapp ... Whappp!

I was really in heaven, without seeing or feeling anything else, other than that expert and hard cock, fucking my ass, while the boy, who never took his eyes off the show, re-hardened and began to fuck my pussy again.

Completely abandoned to the pleasure and feeling I was the most well-fucked bitch in the Universe, I heard the Master say to me, "Dog Alice, from the moment I deposit my sperm inside you, you will belong to me, because you will carry me inside you ... It's my DNA and nothing can change that!"

Hearing those exciting and hot words were enough to make me have a new orgasm! He instantly felt the contractions of my sphincter squeeze his cock when I came.

That pleased him, because he told me, "That's how I like my doggy, that you cum like the whore you are ... Enjoy bitch, enjoy!" A few minutes later, I felt his rhythm drop and he tensed, beginning to feel his strong cum discharges filling my ass, one after another, as they passed through his canal and when they came out of his cockhole and crashed inside my rectum. I felt the warmth of his creamy, freshly spilled semen ...

My Master released no less than seven shots of cum inside of me before saying, "Okay, Alice my bitch! ... From now on you belong to me ... You carry my semen inside you ... as a mark that you are mine, that you are my bitch! ... Yes ... I like that you are ... And you will like even more and more to be my bitch Alice!"

Defeated and ecstatic with being pleasured by two males, with that happy boy under me, with his rock-hard cock still inside my pussy, and my Master, lying on top of me, without removing his cock from my ass, which was now his, the three of us stayed in that position, while Judith kissed and hugged us all happily for our exciting coupling.

After a few minutes of being almost invisible between my two men, I regained reality and I heard those timid whispers of my husband, now a big cuckold, who was still looking for me (I don't think I could have found myself among that mass of bodies fucking and having fun!). "Alice ... Alice ...!" whispered my husband very quietly, looking for his exhibitionist and shameless wife. He had not been able to find me, and he worried, perhaps even feared, that I had already had a lot of guys fuck me.

He had to doubt if I really even was among that large group of people fucking, or had left and was in another room.

I did not know what to do in this situation, and for a moment, good sense made me try to get out of between my two males; but Michael, who I now viewed as rather handsome, held me saying, "The Alice he is looking for is no longer here! Do you recognize this yourself?"

"I only see you, my submissive dog, and Judith, undoubtedly your best friend, for bringing you to my arms, which is where you are best going to be ... 'Doctor,' finishing the sentence with an assurance that captivated me. "Even if you swear to me now that you want to go back to your cuckold's side, I would tell you that you are lying ... and I'm sure I'm right!"

"But on the other hand, the rules of a 'good wife' make you doubt and make you think about returning to his side!" He added to my surprise, "You will decide it freely by yourself, but you cannot do it until tomorrow after 12 midnight or on Sunday morning!"

"This is my game and I set the rules! From now until tomorrow at midnight, you are my dog! After that time together, you can freely decide if you return to his arms forever, or only temporarily. Whatever you decide, it must come from your Soul!"

I tried to speak, but he again put his finger in front of my lips, and I didn't say anything. What was it about this man who was able to silence me? I knew what it was, and I couldn't resist it, because I had always wanted to find someone like that; but, I would have time to decide calmly and coolly. Thinking clearly now, naked and with two cocks inside me, was proving very difficult for me! Also, the Master's game attracted me, and he wanted to play it, though he wrongly imagined Phil's monumental influence on my decision, if you don't' know me by now!

I made a face at Judith, like "what do we do with my husband, so that he does not panic or worry?"

As always, we understood each other with a single glance, and she said, "Don't worry about you and Michael ... I'll take care of reassuring your husband when you've gone and telling him what he needs to know. He was the one who pushed you to 'play' ... Now he must respect the rules of the game and beg for you to come back to him. If he gets angry, you will have one more reason not to return to him ... simple!"

8 - Blindly Running Away with handjob gay movies

I was blown away by Judith's response! She saw it as so normal for me to leave with a friend and just leave my husband standing there, which seemed incredible to me ... Although I was distressed to do that to my husband, deep down, he had pushed me to it, so I left him Judith to explain to him (I did not know what Judith would tell him, but she was very smart, and I was sure she would know how to get out of the argument!). Also, an angry Judith was terrible to deal with, so she would have no problem controlling him!

I looked worriedly towards the exit of the Dark Room, and Peter, Judith's partner, could not be seen. He was in league with us; he must have been having fun, with his cock stuck in the first hole he had seen! In contrast, my poor husband, he was standing next to the wall, trying to locate me and Judith ...

With him there, I couldn't go out anyway, because when I stood up he would see me; but, it seemed that Michael, my Master, had everything planned. So, giving me a black cape with a hood, he said, "Come on dog ... Put on this cape and hood! Do not think about picking up your clothes; Judith will do it later, ha ha! We are going to spend time together, you and I, bitch, right under your husband's nose! I wish he knew who I was, taking his sweetheart, to turn her into my whore and enjoy her as she deserves! It's going to be exciting, to go past his nose without seeing you!"

My Master, released me from his hold and I crouched on my knees. I took the black cape he offered and put it on before getting up. He put on his leather pants, that were tight and very seductive with his firm ass and wide pecs.

When we were both standing, he took from his pocket a chain with clips for my nipples, and, after pinching them to make them stiff and hard, he put on the chain that joined them.

He grabbed the end of the chain from my collar, and said, "Don't put your glasses on yet ... keep your head down, like the submissive you are! I take you out of here by the hand on a chain ... Let's go!" And without further ado, before I could tell him that I was not wearing a thong, just the stockings and shoes, he pulled me towards the exit.

At the time, I thought Phil might notice me by some detail, despite the darkness, and I was tense and worried.

I imagined that Michael would make a detour to avoid passing near my husband; but the very daring one, headed directly to where he was, leading me by that chain. Phil saw us coming, which made him lower and tilt his head a little, so that he could not see my face. My legs trembled with fear of being caught!

When we passed my husband, only the body of my Master separated me from Phil, and a chill ran down my spine when he was so close, seeing how deliberately Michael was taking this risk.

I realized that when he finished passing Phil, Michael dropped something small that he was carrying hidden in his hand, and whatever it was fell to the floor very close to Phil's feet. We had only taken a couple of steps after passing my husband, when I happened to hear as he softly said to Master (who did not turn around, as if he had not heard him), "Hey ... You dropped something ..."

I tried to speed up my pace, but the Master's firm hand and a pull on the chain made me follow slowly beside him.

It was incredible how that wicked dominant was enjoying the moment! "God!" ... I thought, "he likes risk to the maximum! Naturally and cheekily, as if I were not with him, we continued on and left the Dark Room. I could now see his face well ...

He had a manly face and angular chin, which covered a well-trimmed beard, dark hair, a perfect nose and a mouth made for kissing! His eyes were what impressed me the most, however; they were serene, transmitting tranquillity and security. When they looked at me, I already felt inferior to him.

His broad back, well developed in the gym, undoubtedly gave him the appearance of having power and would have made the rubber of my thong loosen instantly ... if I had worn it!

The first thing that occurred to me was to give him a sensual but short kiss on the mouth, while I looked into his eyes. He instantly slid his two hands down that I felt pressing my naked ass.

"Why did we pass so close to my husband Michael?" I asked him when I saw his smile of satisfaction. He answered me (while placing one of his hands on my pussy, "You can't deny that you didn't love that! ...Being next to him, almost touching him, but transformed into a submissive whore!" Noticing how wet I was, he added, "Don't pretend to be the pretty little saint, because I know you liked that I did that; besides, I've left him a "gift" in passing that I don't think it will take him long to read," he added sarcastically. "So, we'd better go now ... From now on call me 'Master' exclusively! Let's go bitch!" he said authoritatively, treating me like anyone; but still, inside me, his treatment excited me.

"How did you leave him a gift, Master?" I asked. He laughed, and said, "I couldn't take his beloved wife, without leaving him something, so he would keep remembering you! I'm very detailed; you'll get to know me, dog!"

"What did you leave him? I saw you drop something at his feet?" He smiled again as we headed for the exit.

"I have already told you dog that I am very detailed. That little gift that I left him was your thong, filled with the cum of several men ... He would surely recognize it if he picked it up, ha ha! If he picked it up and saw that it is yours, full of semen, that should excite him a lot, knowing now for sure, that you, bitch ... you have loved that he brought you here to be fucked by others!"

"Also, if he's a little clever, he'll realize that the one under the hooded cape was his demure wife, going to party with and lasciviously fuck the man she's with as his new bitch!

I was surprised by the audacity of that handsome male, having taken the situation to the limit of impudence.

Fearing that my husband Phil would look for me now, I asked him, "Let's go now, before he discovers us, Master!" To which he replied," Very good ... You are learning what my rank is now!"

"One thing, Master ... Remember that I only wear the cape and that otherwise I go totally naked, so I can't go to many places, as my clothes have stayed at the Xtasia!"

"Do not worry, dog ... In the car I have your new clothes. But the way you are you're dressed now, with the necklace and the strap, and the chain that swings between your nipples, and the stockings and high heels, you look sooo ... sexy! I like you a lot more now than with the dress you were wearing before; and if you don't believe me, with the first man or woman we meet, you open your cape and you will see on their face, how they like you!"

We got to the parking lot and he opened the beautiful dark green Jaguar E. From the trunk he took out a black leather bodice and various other things.

Meanwhile, at the car next to us, a couple passed by. Master said, "Come on bitch, put all this on ... they're waiting for us!" I asked, deluded, "Put it on here?

He responded very seriously, "Do you see a better place to put it on? Also, if I decide that you put it on, or take it off ... all right here ... your obligation as a submissive towards me, your Master now, is to do it without asking ... just obey! ... It is clear to you now, bitch?"

I didn't say anything ... It was crystal clear to me. Instinctively I put on the thong first, although the priority to cover my pussy was absurd, because in addition to being tiny and black, it didn't change my slutty appearance at all.

I began to put on my bodice, which was fastened in the front, and as I imagined, it left my boobs free and totally in view.

When I finished fastening it, he said to me, "Turn around, I will adjust it very tight!" I turned my back to him and he calmly tightened the string to suit me, which undoubtedly enhanced my figure much more.