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“Mystic Mayhem strives to create one-of-a-kind and unique fashions, and to promote the DIY lifestyle by providing the tools to empower, educate, and inspire our customers to become their own designer.”



We here at Mystic Mayhem revel in our individuality and love to make one-of-a-kind pieces for everyone from rock stars to teenagers. DIY is a passion we’ve turned into a business by working on our own hand made items as well as patches, pins, and more to help our customers take on DIY themselves.

But whats our style, you ask? Well, after years of trying to identify ourselves within a genre, we figured “Who wants to fit in anyway?!” and created our own! By combining all of our interests from punk and hardcore, hip-hop, kawaii, and even internet memes and emojis we’ve created our own little spot in the sun where we can be ourselves. And by accepting everyone and everything, we offer a great selection for every fashionista.

Love our style, but want to be more involved in the process? We specialize in custom orders, too! We understand the struggle of finding something in the store that could be you're new go-to staple, but if only it came in a different color, or fit just a little more snug, or was a few inches longer. We all come in different shapes and sizes, so we can't expect corporations to design around every body type out there. Because all of our pieces are hand made regardless, it's easy for us to work with you to make something thats absolutely perfect and made just for you. Together we can find the perfect vest as a canvas and pick out the desired details to fit your exact taste. With just a few inspirational ideas we can make a vest that is your dream come true!

Not only do we design DIY vests and jackets, but we also make smaller pieces like pins and patches so you can make your own! Maybe you appreciate the Mystic Mayhem style, but don’t necessarily want to rock a head to toe studded vest day to day. Now you can grab some small flare and DIY your own items! We love encouraging our customers to be creative and make things on their own, and by providing stellar ingredients and DIY tutorials on our blog you’ll have everything you need to do it yourself!


The designer of Mystic Mayhem wears many hats: designing new products, lifestyle and fashion blogging, and promoting DIY artwork by providing tutorials and demos on how to achieve the same style. Fortunately my business has a wide demographic, focused on younger women ages 13-25 who I would consider highly active social media users on all platforms.

As my business offers a variety of services, my approach is to take advantages of the strengths of each social media platform by focusing different focused content on each media outlet. As this is a photo based platform my photos of items and look books do great here.

As far as hashtags, I try to avoid generic ones no matter how relevent they are like #DIY. Even though I create DIY items, this is such a common tag that it gets lost in seconds on the hastag list. I prefernot to use more than 3 hashtags each post, as it starts to look thirsty for attention and i'd rather appear more cool than that. So instead of blastign each post with #DIY #vest #jacket #fashion #pins #buttons, etc. I try to incorporate it into the sentence so it come more naturally, and be slightly more specific (but not TOO specific.)


INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/mysticmayhemxo/

Fortunately my brand is incredibly bright and visual, and content is easy to create using high quality photos for posts. I have product photography of my items from a variety of angles, customer photos, and process photos giving sneak peaks to items i’m working on, as well as private commissions. I feel this is the best way for me to share my story so people can watch an item that takes weeks for me to create, and watch the process along the way.

As Instagram’s weak spot is not providing outgoing links to the specific products, I use this platform as more of a space to share bold photos that clearly stand out in users feeds and portrays a fun, vibrant energy which will hopefully draw them in to view my entire profile which has the link to the store.

Instagram is also a great platform for collaborating with power users or celebrities. By having a popular person photographing themselves wearing my item and tagging me, it helps draw in a whole new fan base which follows with new adds and purchases. Many younger girls follow musicians or actresses so closely and want to buy every outfit they are photographed in, so when they tag my brand in a photo followers skyrocket for the next few days.


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MysticMayhemDesigns/

I have had a bad experience with Facebook in the past, as a very small independent business page regardless of followers my content is not shown to my subscribers unless i pay to promote posts. Unfortunately I am not at a stage yet where I can afford that, although when I create a post on the fan page and share it via my personal page, the content will get hundreds of more view. I just have to be selective with this as to not spam my friends and family too often.

My approach with Facebook is to share more link oriented posts, like recent blog posts that provide tutorials or shopping guides. This way Facebook provides a direct link, which provides more/similar content as the preview photo shows.

For example, i’ll post a link to the most recent blog post “Tye Dye For” which displays a before and after photo of a tie dye project, and include the text “Summer’s finally here! Are you ready to give new life to some old t-shirts? Check out our easy the dye tutorial here!” This provides a clear call to action, a small preview, and links to more content on the subject. 


Another example, I design a variety of small pins and buttons for customers to DIY their own clothing. I create a blog post with product photos and links to purchase the items, and photos of how to wear the items which in my experience helps sell it twice as much. Younger girls prefer to see the item styled to encourage them to buy something, vs a stock product image.

Although i'm not blogging a lot of original content which is a no-no, with tumblr i'm trying more to sell you a style or a coolness instead. I'm curating a lifestyle of ideals that draw more attention right now, even though I need to be focusing on more original content and my own .gifs.


TUMBLR: http://mysticmayhemxo.tumblr.com

Tumblr is my demographics #1 go to in social media. Young “alt” teenagers are obsessed with the micro sub genres that my brand caters too. Although I don’t post a lot of original content here, I reblog a lot of art and aesthetics that match my brand. I feel like my users/followers don’t want to see products or marketings, but cool .gifs and cyber art.


PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/MysticMayhemxo/

Pinterest is a great tool to post inspiration ideas for my personal designs that followers also like viewing/sharing, as well as creating mood boards and shopping lists that go well with my products. My brand is in a weird spot since it is a combination of different styles, so I love that I can create different boards that cater to each different style or genre. This way my customers can follow the boards that interest them specifically, instead of having one board all over the place. For example all my black goth clothes are in a list “SPOOKY CREEPY CUTE” that attracts one of my demographics, then I have another board with all of the rave inspired holographic items called “ELECTRO CUTIE”. It’s the best tool for separating my multiple styles within the same account.

By including links to cute clothes I like, it’s great to include my own products into the mix to give potential users ideas on how to style the items before/after they buy them. By creating a mood board for a product it makes the item more enticing and easier to visualize how they would wear it. Often i'd find myself shopping online and think "Oh, this is cute, I wonder what i'd wear it with..." and having dozens of options available is great for my users. My curating a collection of clothing from various stores, i'm also trying to escalete my leval of respct as a "stylish" or "fashionable" person as well, which would draw more blog followers for more persoanl blog posts.


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