My inky monsters

My inky monsters - student project

I had fun during this exercise.
At first I didn't know how to get nice inky blots to work with, but I figured it out :)
I hope you have fun meeting my 'monsters'

Here are my inky monsters:



My inky monsters - image 1 - student project
First off, meet Scrunge: A little bit scary-looking but as sweet as a baby.


Then we have your favourite companion when you go planet-hopping in your vacation...

My inky monsters - image 2 - student project


And of course we shouldn't forget ms. Birdy, always a joy spotting her when she's making her rounds in the sky.

My inky monsters - image 3 - student project

Then we have mr. Cat R. junior:

My inky monsters - image 4 - student project


Flaya, another being who makes the sky more interesting..

My inky monsters - image 5 - student project



And this one is the most scary monster and I hope you will never meet him in person, if you do, please: RUN AWAY!!!



My inky monsters - image 6 - student project