My fears and joys

My fears and joys - student project

As I loved taking your other class. I immediately wanted to take this one as well. I do keep some sort of a emotional visual diary now as part of my weekly routine, just to get my feelings out. Also even though these exercises are not mend to be made into art pieces, and are fine just to live inside your journal as a memory, I feel like it has helpt me so much in getting more of a storyline in my regular work. I am a aspiring artist ( illustration and creative photography) and I wanted to grow my storytelling, instead of recreating random images in my head. (Which are there 24/7). For me this class came at just at the right time, since it has been a emotional time for me in my private life. And it has not only helpt me enjoy drawing again for personal purposes, it has helpt me have more fun in creating in general again. Thank you. My fears and joys - image 1 - student projectMy fears and joys - image 2 - student project

Jorinde Van den Bosch

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