My Modern Folk Art

My Modern Folk Art - student project

I was eager to try this class, as it brings back memories of my college days in the midst of Amish country. And as a result of that, my many years of quilting and pattern making.

This was great fun! I enjoyed having shapes to fill in (as opposed to my 'blob' making, free-form flowers! lol) It was a nice change. I had to focus, which in turn, tuned out the world. I like when my artwork becomes meditative.

My Modern Folk Art - image 1 - student project


For my color palette, I kept it simple and stuck with two colors I could use out of the tube - red & black. Mixed up some pink & gray (two favorites of mine) to compliment them. I used some circle templates and an old bendable ruler from back in the day to draw some of the shapes - the need for 'perfection' still runs through me. haha. I am making great progress though, in practicing painting them in and NOT getting them perfectly round. So there's hope! And look at that line-work!! To die for, right?!?! HAHAHAHA!

My Modern Folk Art - image 2 - student project

Here's my pattern play pages. I stayed very loose here. I used up the leftover gray, and you can see the color varies. I was using a new sketchbook and the paper was not heavy-weight, so it curled a bit. I wanted to see how it would hold up with the gouache... not too bad for just playing around!


My Modern Folk Art - image 3 - student project


My taxonomy page. Back to the good watercolor paper for these beauties. These were a LOT of fun to do! When I started I had no idea what designs I should do, but one thing led to another and here you have it! I added some details here and there after I had the main flowers done, to spruce them up.

What I learned from this class:

- I enjoy having to 'color within the lines' at times. It challenges my skills and helps me focus. It's meditative.

- Sticking to a limited color palette challenges me to make creative choices. And it's calming.

- When deciding on designs - I just need to START somewhere and new ideas will start forming as I go along.

- I am starting to really appreciate and love the beauty of hand painted designs. It gives them character and infuses a piece of my heart & soul into each one.


Thanks, as always, Peggy, for an awesome and fun class!!!