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Megan Frazier Photography Brand Identity

UPDATED 9/9/13**

So I have reworked the design a little bit.  I loved the camera but my wife wasn't sold on it.  She really likes having her initials as her "badge" type of logo.  I was still wrestling with the colors but settled on a red, tan, and grey.  Once I changed the colors, my wife got more interested in the design.

I fell like it reflects her acurately.  

Here is the progress so far.  What do you think?

UPDATED 8/31/13 ** - colors added

My wife is a photographer.

I have created a "brand" for her in the past, but I was just creating what I thought looked cool.  The designs have not stood up well over time.  

Here is what her logo has been for a while 

I'm looking to learn how to create brand identities that accurately reflect my clients overall brand.

I'm glad this class exists.

After watching the first unit videos and creating a brief and design board, this is what I came up with:

Here is my creative brief I used for the logo:

Creative Brief

Client Megan Frazier Photography

Background[who is the client and what is their current situation?]

Megan is a life-event photographer looking in Northeast Oklahoma.  Her current brand does not tell much about the experience her clients might get from her.

Objective[what am I trying to accomplish for my client?]

To create a brand identity that reflects Megan’s personality and acts as a visual representation of the images she captures.

TargetAudience[who are my client’s ideal customers?]

Middle-Upper Class families who want to capture their biggest moments in a very real and organic way.

Message[what is my client trying to say?]

Megan will make her clients feel comfortable as she captures some of the biggest moments in their lives.  The images she creates will instantly recall the emotion felt for years to come.

Competition[who are my client’s biggest competitors?]

Amy Harrison, High Dollar Joplin Photographers.

DistinguishingCharacteristics[what makes my client unique?]

-Makes people feel comfortable

-Her images reflect a story

-Her images are not heavily

CreativeConsiderations[does my client have any specific directives that should apply to the work?]

ToneorKeyWords[what personality does my client want to project to their audience?]

• Fun

  • Natural
  • Simple
  • Vintage/Modern
  • Urban

Here is the Mood Board as well


After generating my Color Palette, I tried to add the colors to the logo.  As I started it seemed to get cluttered and messy.  I'm more of a "less is more" kind of guy anyway, but I wanted to use color effectively.

I ended up getting rid of most of the color I added.  Here is what I settled on:

I still am not convinced this is the best way to go.  I'll have to sit on the color additions before I settle into the design.


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